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Problems in installation of surge protective device

If the surge protective device is installed improperly, it will not play the role of application protection, but also have potential hazards. [JUNHE electronic surge protective device] summarizes several common improper installation problems, which are mainly as follows:

1。 In different distribution systems, the installation mode of surge protective devices is not suitable for different distribution systems. Reasonable selection of installation mode of surge protective devices is the basis of lightning protection, especially in the lines used by surge protective devices and residual current protective devices. If the installation position is improper, residual current protective devices may not play the role of leakage protection

2. The installation series of surge protective devices are not considered enough, too many surge protective devices are installed, which leads to insufficient installation space and waste, and it is difficult to meet the distance requirements between different series of surge protective devices. The installation of two surge protective devices must have a certain distance.

3. The installation path of surge protective device (SPD) and the cross section of connecting wire are selected. The installation of SPD is mainly used to limit the surge voltage and discharge lightning, and produce a large amount of surge current. The nominal discharge current and maximum discharge current of SPD are also very large. There are corresponding requirements for the cross section of connecting wire. At the same time, the connecting wire should not be too long, otherwise it is not conducive to the protection of equipment